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About College


To be a national, renowned academic institution fostering excellence in management, innovation and entrepreneurship for society and business. 


The mission of the Institute is to develop innovative and ethical future leaders capable of managing change and transformation in a national and globally competitive environment and to support entrepreneurship for purpose-driven solutions to local problems. 


We shall strive to develop and sustain the following values to provide the context for all our programs and activities - 

  • Excellence, 

  • Commitment, 

  • Responsiveness to Societal Needs, 

  • Creativity, 

  • Openness, 

  • Diversity with Synergy 


About PCMS 

The Presidency College of Management Sciences (PCMS) is a leading graduate school of management in Nepal. PCMS is affiliated with Purbanchal University (, Biratnagar, Nepal. Purbanchal University is the second oldest university established by the Nepal Government and second-largest university in terms of the number of students and courses offered.  

PCMS has 25 full-time faculty members, about 600 students across +2, BBA & MBA programs. 

Our logo carries a proclamation in Sanskrit, तमसोमा ज्योतिर्गमय  (tamasoma jyotirgamaye), which translates as ‘From darkness, lead me to light’. Our vision is to be a national, renowned academic institution fostering excellence in management, innovation, and entrepreneurship for society and business.    

Located in Nepal’s key business hub, we are in close proximity to some of the leading corporate houses in the country, ranging from hospitality, health care to agri-business companies, giving us the added advantage of integrating classroom knowledge with practical experience. 

Our degree-granting programs comprise the Master of Business Administration (Marketing / Finance / Human Resource Management) - two years fulltime, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - four years fulltime, and the Grade 11 & 12 (General Management / Hotel Management) – two years fulltime.  

We are committed to offering state-of-the-art technology that enables a better teaching-learning environment. Our classes are well equipped with an audiovisual system with air-condition facilities. 

We have taken several steps to meet the vision set for PCMS. These include hiring high-quality faculty, enhancing the quality of research, emphasizing internationalization, expanding our activities in the field of entrepreneurship, in both research and mentoring, deepening our engagement with the alumni, improving infrastructure, and improving administration.  

We have been awarded “Best Business School” by New Business Age (a leading business magazine) for the year 2014, 2019, which is a testimony to our ability to sustain efforts undertaken to achieve excellent standards in education, internationalization and research.  

We have a vibrant Student Exchange Programme with several partner universities across India, Bangladesh, Indonesia & Taiwan. 

PCMS is working round the clock to create the best learning environment in the region. We are on an exciting trajectory of expansion and growth, and we welcome you to join us on this journey. 

Our Courses

Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

The BBA, a full-time professional degree program, shall have eight semesters. After successful completion of the eight semesters, students will be awarded BBA [Bachelor of Business Administration] Degree. Further continuation of two more years with successful completion of four more semesters will lead to an MBA degree. Both degrees will be awarded by Purbanchal  University.

The curriculum of BBA will equip the students to excel in every new initiative and they will be recognized both nationally and internationally. This program aims at producing quality management professionals through a well-structured syllabus with a specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations Management, and System.

This program is approved and recognized by the Government of Nepal and affiliated to Purbanchal University, to create an academic center of excellence. The college itself has one of the oldest existences in Chitwan, with one and only Management focused College in the town.

Semester – I: 15 credit hours


1. FO-111: Business Mathematics

2. FO-112: English

3. FO-113: Business Economics

4. MGT-114: Financial Accounting-I

5. MGT-115: Principles of Management

Semester – 5: 15 credit hours


21. MGT-151: Research Methodology and Report Writing

22. MGT-152: Production and Operations Management

23. MGT-153: Banking and Insurance

24. MGT-154: Project Management

25. MGT-155: Organizational Behavior

Semester – II: 15 credit hours


6. FO -121: Business Communications

7. FO -122: Macro Economic Analysis and Policy

8. FO -123: Business Statistics

9. MGT-124: Principles of Marketing

10. MGT-125: Financial Accounting-II

Semester – VI: 15 credit hours


26. MGT-161: Management Information System (MIS)

27. MGT-162: Public Finance

28. MGT-163: Total Quality Management

29. MGT-164: Tourism Management

30. MGT-165: Entrepreneurship Development

Semester – III: 15 credit hours


11. MGT-131: Cost and Management Accounting

12. MGT-132: Business Finance

13. MGT-133: Database Management System

14. MGT-134: Marketing Management

15. MGT-135: Business Environment of Nepal

Semester – VII: 15 credit hours


31. MGT-171: Supply Chain Management(2 Cr)

32. MGT-172: E-commerce (2 Cr.)

33. MGT- 173: Internship (5 Cr.)

34. XXX-171: Specialization-1

35. XXX-172: Specialization-2


Semester – IV: 15 credit hours


16. MGT-141: Business Law

17. MGT-142: Financial Management

18. MGT-143: Taxation and Auditing

19. MGT-144: Human Resource Management

20. MGT-145: Quantitative Techniques for Business

Semester – VIII: 15 credit hours


36. CAP-181: International Business

37. CAP-182: Strategic management

38. XXX-183: Specialization-3

39. XXX-184: Specialization-4

40. XXX-185 OR XXX-186: Specialization-5


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Faculty Management
Course MBA
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

The two-year full-time MBA program, spread across four semesters and offering specializations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Operations Management. The structure of the program is designed to give students the best in industry exposure and a nurturing classroom environment, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow, in the specialization of their choice.

Flagship Program for MBA

Besides regular course we offer the following programs exclusively for MBA;

  1. 20-days long orientation program: Extensive classes covering “Certification Course on Practical Accountancy” by Chartered Accountant and “Soft Skill Training and Contemporary Management Practices” by industry veterans are part of this program. And several guest lecture & experience sharing series are included in orientation program.
  2. Industry Talks with MBA: Industry veterans and working managers are called regularly (twice a month) for guest classes, experience sharing, and networking. 
  3. International Student Exchange Program: We offer at least 2 international student exchange events each year. We have an MOU arrangement with 6 universities in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Indonesia. This is optional program where interest students can participate. 
  4. College to Corporate: This is offered during the 4th semester to make the student for industry-ready. Softskills training (Business Communication, leadership, interview skills etc.) are covered. It is 4 days (12 hours) program.
  5. Seminar Series: 7 days long (21 hours) seminar series are organized to offer industry experience and market research among students. Working managers, entrepreneurs, distinguished professors from national and international universities are facilitating the sessions. This is organized once in each semester i.e. 4 times during the MBA program.
  6. Startup Support Program: This is an optional program i.e. offered to those who want to pursue their own startup. We offer this program in collaboration with Antarprerana P. Ltd. For more detail refer PBIC section ( of the website.

Specialization Offered

A focused course structure equips those interested in this field with the skill set needed to understand, interpret, and apply marketing concepts in live corporate scenarios. The students learn the practical applications of marketing principles through case studies, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and research projects.

This specialization is designed to provide students with a strong base in applied financial management. It helps them in sound financial decision-making, providing a deep understanding of the financial aspects of the economy and the corporate world. The quantitative and analytic skills of the students are enhanced in the process.

Total no of Courses – 26

Total Credit Hour – 70

Non-Credit Course for Non-Management Background Students

Non-credit classes are primarily designed to onboard non-management graduates however college has designed 20days of extensive classes covering “Certification Course on Practical Accountancy” by Chartered Accountant and “Soft Skill Training and Contemporary Management Practices” by industry veterans. Students are eligible to attend these classes only after getting admission.

Semester – I


FO-511: Quantitative Skills for Business Studies

FO-512: Managerial Communications

FO-513: Managerial Economics and Decision Making

FO-514: Legal Environment of Business

CO-515: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills

CO-516: Marketing for Managers

CO-517: Financial Accounting

Semester II


CO-521: Management Accounting

CO-522: Macro Economics and Policy Making

CO-523: Financial Management and Analysis

CO-524: Operations Management

CO-525: Human Resource Management

CO-526: Business Research

SE-521: Seminar Series I

Semester III


CO-531: Management Information System and e-commerce

CO-532: Organization Change and Design

CO-533: Entrepreneurship

SE-531:  Seminar Series II

XX-531: Specialization I and

XX-532: Specialization II

Semester – VI


CA-541: Strategic Management

CA-542: International Business

XX-54x: Specialization III

XX-54x: Specialization IV

XX-54x: Specialization V: Seminar III


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Meet Our Team

Shambhu Chhetry

(Principal ,Accountancy & Business Law )

Rajesh Sharma

(Academic Director ,HR / OB )

Sushil Bhattarai

(Academic Director MBA ,Finance )

Ujjwal Marahatta

(Business Development Director ,Marketing )

Suraj Bhujel

(Academic Director +2 ,Accountancy )

Post Raj Pokhrel

(Head Research Cell ,Finance & Strategic Management )


1. +2 (Management / Hotel Management)

2. BBA 

3. MBA

1. +2 (Management / Hotel Management) 

2. MBA (Fall)


1. +2 Program - Suraj Bhujel (9855050784)

2. BBA Program - Sushil Bhujel (9851007186)

3. MBA Program - Rajesh Sharma (9855059237)