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Dr. Khagendra Ojha

(Chief Executive Officer/Chairman )

Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan

(Academic Director )

Dr. Nar Bahadur Bista

(Principal/ Managing Director )

Dr. Ganga Dhar Dahal

(Executive Director )


The eco-friendly environment creates a better learning environment at Uniglobe College. The premises are kept tidy and intellectually friendly in order to maintain furnishing standard up-to-date in order to support a sound academic environment

The college runs professional business programs which are based on excessively practical learning modules. The major portion of the MBA, MBA-Finance, BBA and BBA-BI curricula is operant with computer support. To meet this requirement for the meaningful operation of the programs, Uniglobe, the best business school has ensured the availability of a sophisticated computer lab equipped with branded computers. All computers are connected to the Internet through a dedicated lease-line (100/100 Mbps) serving the needs of 400 students at a time.

The classrooms of Uniglobe College, top BBA and MBA college in Nepal has an in-build multi-media facility, audio-visual and computer access with internet facility. All the classrooms and most of the college areas are covered by CCTV surveillance.

The best management college, Uniglobe college’s Information Resource Center serves the information needs of both students and faculty. It houses about 8000 volumes of relevant textbooks, international subscriptions like Harvard Business Review, Business Week and other dailies and magazines. Connected with Internet facilities.

Uniglobe college, the best management school in Nepal practices effective learning through MIS. Uniglobe, MIS provides the latest resources for research and rigorous study of students. It also provides the latest techno based information in an amicable way. The students are benefited by using the updated information and technology. The MIS keeps and updates records of each and every student in terms of attendance, course – taken, syllabus, assignments, project works, class tests and grades.

Uniglobe, the best management college has a reading section attached to the library which has sophisticated furnishing, high-speed internet, reading cabinets, and separate computers. Students involved in studying and research from morning to evening.

At Uniglobe College, management college in Nepal has an auditorium hall named ‘Sagarmatha Hall’ at the top floor of the academic building. It is equipped with ultra-modern technologies like multimedia, audio-visuals, internet/Wi-Fi, air conditions and comfortable sitting arrangements. It can be set as a round table sitting for seminars and theatre setting for lectures. It accommodates 200 persons in a theater setting. Another small seminar hall is also available on the first floor of the building availing all the facilities.


We are located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu (Near BICC and Opposite to CIvil Hospital)

Uniglobe Offers BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) and BBA-BI (Bachelors of Business Administrations in Banking and Insurance) affiliated to Pokhara University

If you plan to study BBA/BBA-BI in this college, you are required to come to the college or can virtually fill the application forms online.

Application charges are free.

Once your application is received, College officials will inform you regarding the entrance date and timing. You are required to give entrance examinations via online mode or physical mode.

After the Entrance Examinations, you are required to give an Interview either online or in physical mode.

College Officials will review and screen your documents, entrance score, and Interview Score and will finalize regarding whether you satisfied the standard entry requirements to get admission for BBA/BBA-BI or not

Your scholarship will depend upon your academic achievement, entrance score, and Interview Score.

You will be notified by the college regarding your acceptance for admission via email, SMS, and phone call.

The college reserved all rights to reject any application if it found unsatisfactory for the admission.

Yes we provide scholarship on the basis of your Academic Scores, Entrance Scores, and your Interview Scores

We have numerous ECA and CCA programs throughout the year. 

We give international exposure to our students every year through international educational tour programs

We organize the International Conference every year and also take our students to participate in international conferences abroad

We published 16 Issues of Nepalese Journals on Management, Economics, Finance, and Business every year which includes the research article of our own students from bachelor and master level

We organize Management Fest Every Year which includes various competitions like Mad Ad, Tag the Brand, Idea Pitching, Presentation, Public Speaking, Business Debate, Case analysis, Business Quiz. Entrepreneurship competition and so on.

We have a Business Incubation center that conducts its academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to cultivate the entrepreneurship skills of students. It empowers the capacity and willingness of students to develop, organize, and manage their business endeavors.

We have Communication Lab that trains the students in evolving effective communication skills. It develops speech writing, organization, and delivery, presentations, public speaking, drafting business correspondence, preparing proposals, and so on. It offers individual coaching, targeted workshops, and a spectrum of initiatives to support students as they learn key transferable communication skills that will help them achieve their career goals

We have Finance Lab that enables participants to conduct analyses in real-time, using the most analytical software available and the trends that are taking place in the market. Students in Finance and Economics use the lab to put theory into practice. Various training and workshops are frequently provided to develop the knowledge and financial skills of the students. Students are trained to monitor realistic positions of securities in terms of valuation and risk in the lab.

We have various student club-like the Uniglobe center for Social Programs, the Uniglobe Center for Entrepreneurship, the Uniglobe Center for Communication, the Uniglobe Center for Communication, and the Uniglobe Center for Finance that organizes series of programs, events, workshops and seminar throughout the year.




Yes, we have a placement cell that organizes Placement days twice a year focusing on the bachelor's level and master's level students in which 20-25 plus companies including Banks & Corporate Houses are invited for taking an interview with our pass-out graduates. Many students are selected on this Placement day.

We have a full-fledged Library with a combination of carefully selected traditional and digital resources via browsing interface and supported by exceptionally fast response service, which provides Uniglobian with a library that is worthy of this world-class institution. It is equipped with precious books, Textbooks, Reference books, Periodicals, and Journals. Free access to this is made available to the students, ex-students, research workers, faculty, staff, and visitors. We have both online/offline services in the Library. Students can book their book online as well by screening the availability of the book. 

We also give International Online Platforms like Zester and other different platforms to our students for studying case studies, journals, and many other publications internationally via online.