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Tikaram Puri

(Founder Principal )

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Everest focuses on career oriented education which is of prime necessity for the students of the present day world. With a view to enabling students to make the optimum use of their potential in the disciplines they choose to study, the school arranges career counseling for students who need special guidance in choosing appropriate discipline after the completion of their grade 12 studies.

Everest undrstands its role of providing students adequate counseling on which discipline of study best suits them as they aspire to pursue higher studies. The career counseling sessions are conducted by highly experienced counselors and teachers so that students have no confusion to choose the most appropriate field of studies in the university level.

The school organizes pre-medical and pre-engineering counseling classes and mock tests for the grade 12 students in order to provide them with the glimpse of the entrance tests and admission procedures for the study of the disciplines.

The school incorporates a separate counseling and career department which organizes planned career counseling to the students graduating through school education. The counseling is provided to the students in three different phases including intelligence tests, inter-disciplinary counseling by concerned veterans and students’ attitude tests in order to unveil their talent and potential.

The school also has provision of abroad studies counseling for the students who aspire to go abroad for their further studies in different subjects.