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Arun Kumar Bhandari

(CEO ,Mathematics )

Er. Umesh Prasad Thani

(Principal ,Civil Engineering )

Er. Anuj Ghimire

(Head of Department (Computer,Electronics and Information Technology Engineering) ,Computer Engineering )

Er. Prashant Thapaliya

(Head of Civil Engineering Department ,Civil engineering )

Er. Rajan Kusi

(Head of Department (Research and Project) ,Electronics & Communication Engineering )

Indra Bhandari

(Sr.Lecturer/Counselling Head ,Physics )

Sudeep Gaire

(Assistant Senior Lecturer ,Physics )

Er. Kapil Shrestha

(Lecturer ,Civil engineering )

Saroj Maharjan

(Sr. Instructor ,Computer Lab )

Bishnu Prasad Pandey

(Lecturer ,Mathematics )

Er. Lali Manandhar

(Assistant Senior Lecturer ,Computer Engineering )

Er. Shubhadra Joshi

(Assistant Senior Lecturer ,Computer Engineering )

Er. Surya Man Shrestha

(Lecturer ,Software Engineering )

Er. Mukunda Poudel

(Lecturer ,Computer Engineering )

Er. Santosh Bist

(Sr. Instructor ,Computer Engineering )

Er.Supriya K.C

(Assistant Senior Lecturer ,Computer Engineering )

Er.Ravi Sharma

(Lecturer ,Mechanical Engineering )

Er. Shraddha Parajuli

(Lecturer ,IT Engineering )

Er. Pradeep Poudel

(Lecturer ,Computer Engineering )

Er. Anant Devkota

(Lecturer ,Electronics & Communication Engineering )


Please contact us if you get difficulty to get our location:

Tel : 977-1-5520742

Email : admin@eemc.edu.np

B.E. Civil

B.E. IT (information Technology)

B.E. Computer

Admission Eligibility

Students seeking admission in Bachelor level programs  (BE)  must  pass  Higher  Secondary Level  (10+2)  with  Science  (Physical  or  Bio-group),  or  Diploma  in Engineering or equivalent,  from  a  recognized  institution,securing at least second division marks with 100  marks  mathematics  as  one  of  the subjects.

Scholarship Offer:

Nepal Government Scholarships

EEC Provides full scholarship to 10% students under the rules of Pokhara University. Scholarship awardee will get full waiver on admission, tuition & Semester fees.

Outstanding Scholarship

EEC provides full tuition fee scholarship for the University topper (SGPA 4.0) for the next one semester. This Scholarship is awarded in each program for every class of 48 students.

Class Topper Scholarship

EEC Provides 50% tuition fee scholarship for the class toper for next one semester.

Admission Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to the meritorious students based on their Higher Secondary Level (10+2) examinations or equivalent and entrance exam conducted by EEC followed by interview.

  1. Research & Development 
  2. Advanced Computer Lab
  3. Advanced Electronics Lab
  4. Advanced Civil Engineering Lab
  5. Project Works & Exhibitions 
  6. Field Visits
  1. Basketball Court
  2. Table Tenis
  3. Badminton
  4. Chess
  5. Vollyball

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed.