Coming across 28 years since its establishment, Siddhhartha Gautam Buddha Campus has now become a niche for both quality and public concern. Revising its concern for the students of is advantaged class and community, the campus has begun to cater the needs of almost every class of society. Along with the paradigm shift it has made in its fundamental premises, the campus has updated itself in term of its overall quality. Getting accredited by UGC as QAA certified campus is an assertion of its... See More

Bishnu Prasad Rana
Campus Chief



About College

Develop Campus as a leading academic institution ensuring the quality education and research activities through competent and dedicated human resources at an affordable cost to the marginalized and economically deprived students to improve their quality of life for serving local and national communities.
To be an excellent academic institution through the sustained efforts of lifelong learning, research development, critical thinking, and inclusive education for meaningful contributions to the development of local and national communities.

Our goals/priorities are not only to pass the examination or build up a profession but to develop a tolerant, balanced, independent, and right attitude of mind in the local and national community.  So in this context, Campus has mainly four strategic goals/priorities to develop the campus as a center of excellence in the long run.
    Get Qualified for quality assurance accreditation from the UGC.
    Enhance the excellence in education.
    Enhance the excellence in research development.
    Develop a harmonious relationship with the community.

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Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
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