Platinum Management College

Kathmandu, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Dillibazar

With education at an inflection point, we, at Platinum Management College, are conscious of our responsibility as premier schools of the country in the field of Management Studies and Science Education, and therefore groom future business leaders, managers and scientists by following a judicious blend of theory and practice using highly scientific and innovative pedagogy. We strongly believe that students are soft clay and they can be molded in desired shapes by academic... See More

Jiwan K.Gurung
Executive Chairman

Platinum Management College (PMC) is one of the well-established and fastest growing colleges in the nation. We congratulate you for selecting this college in order to pursue higher studies in Management.

We place a strong emphasis on imparting quality education from our highly experienced and qualified teaching faculties to ensure our students right combination of theory and practice so as to make them globally competent.

 We are a team of dedic... See More

Sujan Aryal
Principal / Director

Platinum Management College has been able to establish itself as an epitome of excellence in the field of business and hospitality studies by virtue of our unwavering commitment to world class quality education. Diversified and complex interests of the 21st century learners can be nurtured through meticulously designed dynamic curriculum and differentiated pedagogical approaches. We are aware that national frontiers are getting weaker owing to global forces and students,... See More

Anup Karki

We welcome all, the great souls at Platinum Management College, Dillibazar Kathmandu. We are immensely pleased to get you over here.

Platinum Management College pledges to produce resourceful and responsible human resources required for the nation. It provides a conducive teaching-learning environment to the students, required themselves in for their chosen professions. It has an innovative, progressive and proven team of faculties, qualitative academic setting and truly congenial e... See More

Krishna Neupane
Vice Principal

Dillibazar , Kathmandu


About College

Platinum Management College affiliated to Pokhara University was established in 2009, offers education at an affordable cost. The college is situated in the central location of Kathmandu, Nepal. In current context, Pokhara University is one of the most preferred Universities of Nepal, which offers wide range of programs related with Management, Engineering, Health Sciences etc, and is also highly acknowledged by the universities abroad. Pokhara Universities Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs, offered by Platinum Management College has well crafted curriculum to match global standards.

Platinum Management College is managed by a group of professionals, academicians and educationists at the helms and has been undergoing continuous and timely restructuring and reengineering in the quality system process. College aims to prepare students for prosperous careers and life envisioned learning. We are in a mission to provide our students with best possible learning experience by nurturing their personal growth at very supportive and friendly environment. We believe in learning continues beyond the classroom walls, which is supported by the facts of organization of numerous extracurricular and  co-curricular activities. Hence, our students through experience of excellence in academic and personal front are groomed as globally competitive citizen.

College infrastructure

Platinum Management College has two different separate buildings and other infrastructure for BBA and BHM programs with fully equipped kitchen, restaurant, mock-up room for BHM Practical as well as computer lab and library with sufficient contents for the students. College also has free Wi-Fi facilities for students.

Why Platinum?

Platinum Management College is one of the leading management and hospitality colleges in Kathmandu affiliated to Pokhara University. We are blend of experts in the field of hospitality and management; we are continuously striving to provide high quality education and world class professional training in the field of hospitality and management. We believe that success is all about taking the right steps and that dream can always be achieved. If you are ready to raise professional career and explore a world of opportunity, chase your dream to platinum.

Our Courses

Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four years full-time semester system program. This course offers an opportunity to acquire professional skills in the early stage of their career as a management professional. BBA course is an undergraduate course which offers a deep understanding and development of important business skills such as leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making. It also offers students tremendous opportunities to enhance their conceptual inputs and emphasizes on practical applications that familiarize the student with the overall functioning of an organization, and makes them acquainted with the business environment and challenges of doing business.

Awarded By:
Pokhara University

Bachelor of business administration is an especially versatile business degree because it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Some of the esteemed job profile you can attain after successful completion of BBA course are:
• Accountant
• Financial advisor
• Marketer
• Commodities trader
• Human Resource Manager
• Loan officer
• Real estate agent
• Manager
• Entrepreneur
• Business administration researcher

Some of the polished areas where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:
• Banks
• Marketing Organizations
• Education Institution
• Business Consultancies
• Multinational Companies
• Financial Organization
• Export Companies


BBA is four years, 8 semesters, and 120 credit- hour’s course. Students need to complete 120 credit hours of course including project work, research report and internship. The curricular structure of  BBA program is as follow.

Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI

Semester VII

Semester VIII

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Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Hotel Management
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program is a four years full-time semester system program which aims to produce a professional human resource to meet the need of ever growing tourism and hospitality industry nationally and globally. It is directed towards individuals with entrepreneurial flair, who possess good commercial insight as well as the quality of being service-minded. There is a strong focus on professional skills, theories, and management skills. BHM course covers a wide range of areas in order to prepare participants as hotel managers and entrepreneurs.

Awarded By   

Pokhara University

A degree in hotel management opens up a lot of avenues for employment in the hospitality sector. Jobs directly related to BHM course degree include:
• Front Office Manager
• Food And Beverages Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Flight Attendant / Steward
• Housekeeping Manager
• Chef
• Event Manager


Semester I

Course code Course Description

THS 161 Fundamentals Of Tourism And Hospitality

FNB 171 Food Production & Patisserie I (Theory )

FNB 191 Food Production & Patisserie I (practical)

FNB 172 Food & Beverage Service I (Theory)

FNB 192 Food & Beverage Service I (Practical)

RDM 181 Accommodation Operation I (Theory)

RDM 191 Accommodation Operation I (practical)

ENG 101 English I

Semester II

Course code                          Course Description

FNB 174                                Food Production & Patisserie II

FNB 194                                Food production & Patisserie II (practical)

FNB 175                                 Food & Beverage Service II (Theory)

FNB 195                                 Food & Beverage Service II (Practical)

RDM 183                               Accommodation Operation II (Theory )

RDM 193                               Accommodation Operation II (Practical)

MTH 105                               Basic Mathematics

ENG 102                                English II

FHN 191                                Food Hygiene & Nutrition

Semester III

Course Code                          Course Description

FNB 271                                 Food Production & Patisserie III (Theory)

FNB 291                                 Food Production & Patisserie III (Practical)

FNB 272                                 Food & Beverage Service III (Theory)

FNB 292                                 Food & Beverage Service III (Practical)

RDM 281                                Rooms Division Management I (Theory)

RDM 291                                Rooms Division Management I (Practical)

ACC 125                                  Hospitality Accounting I

MIS 201                                  Introduction to Management Information

SOC 101                                  Fundamentals Of Sociology

Semester IV

Course Code                                              Course Description 

FNB 174                                                            Food Production & Patisserie II

FNB 194                                                            Food production & Patisserie II (practical)

FNB 175                                                             Food & Beverage Service II (Theory)

FNB 195                                                             Food & Beverage Service II (Practical)

RDM 183                                                           Accommodation Operation II (Theory )

RDM  193                                                          Accommodation Operation II (Practical)

MTH 105                                                           Basic Mathematics

ENG 102                                                            English II

FHN 191                                                            Food Hygiene & Nutrition

Semester V

Course Code                                               Course Description 

HRM 153                                                  Hospitality Human Resources

STT   101                                                   Business Statistics

RCH  311                                                   Business Research Methods

FIN    133                                                  Fundamentals of Financial Management

MKT  143                                                  Hospitality Marketing

Specialization I (Choose One)                                                

FNB   371                                                 Advanced Food & Beverage

RDM  381                                                 Advance Accommodation Operations

Semester VI

Course Code                                               Course Description 

MGT 312                                                   Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

MGT 216                                                   Tourism Business Environment

ECO  105                                                   Tourism Economics

MGT 412                                                   Strategic Management

PRJ 494                                                     Project Work

Specialization II (Choose One)  

FNB 371                                                    Advanced Food & Beverage Management

RDM 382                                                  Advance Accommodation Operation

Semester VII

Course Code                                               Course Description

INT 396                                                             Internship

Semester VIII

Course Code                                               Course Description

INT 397                                                             Internship

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Meet Our Team

Mr. Jiwan Kumar Gurung

(Executive Chairperson )

Mr. Sujan Aryal

(Principal/Director )

Mr. Anup Karki

(Director )

Mr. Krishna Neupane

(Vice-Principal )


Located at ........... near ......., our College is served by regular & quick public transport – buses, micro-vans, and tempos.

Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared or on the basis of SEE grades. A personal interview closely conducted by the College Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Yes, our college offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Some of our co-curricular activities include debating, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama, project, and excursions.

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books/encyclopedias, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed. We have transportation facility as well.