Janapriya Multiple Campus (JMC) is an assembly of prominent scholars, educationists, professionals and social activists working together as a team to create an institution for quality education for those students who really want to excel and achieve something special in their life professionally.

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Biranji Gautam 
Campus Chief

Thank you very much for your interest of getting informations about JMC. We welcome students’ prudent decision of joining this institution where they will be going to be a part of a vibrant learning community which is well known for its high quality education and excellent student support activities in the country as well as abroad.
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About College

Janapriya Multiple Campus (JMC) was established in 1991(2048B.S.) with joint venture of 14 academicians, local philanthropists, and local social organizations such as Srijana Vikas Kendra. It is a non-profit making academic institution with broad objectives of supporting the development of skilled and dynamic human resources to meet the challenges of education in the 21st century in various sectors. JMC is affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

JMC has a glorious history of presenting excellent performance in public education with well experienced faculty members. Now it has become a QAA certified institution heading towards Deemed University. The campus has been offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Management, Humanities, Science, and Education. Now, we have MBS (semester system), MA in English and Sociology, BBA, BBS, B. Sc. (Micro-biology), and B. Ed.

JMC achieved QAA certificate in 2013 and has recently won the National Education Award- 2072 being selected as the Best Community Campus in the country.

Our Courses

Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

The mission of BBA is to develop socially responsive. creative and result-oriented management professionals to fulfill the middle level managerial positions in the rapidly growing business sectors in Nepal and aboard.
Goals :
– Prepare professional mangers capable of handling business in a dynamic global environment.
– Produce socially responsible and creative entrepreneurs capable of promoting business and
industry for the socially economic development of Nepal.
– Conduct research and management development programs for updating the knowledge and skill based on academics and practicing management.
– Innovate and promote management programs catering to the various social and economic sectors of Nepal.
– Establish linkages with leading industries and management institutes within the country as well as
aboard and collaborate with the program development and implementation.
Objectives :
The specific objectives of the BBA program are to:
– Prepare students to take-up middle level managerial positions in the business sector.
– Develop student\’s skill in business management capable of understanding and
solving practical business problems creatively.
– Provide professional management education with a blend of computer and management
information system courses.
– Prepare students to proceed onto post-graduate-level study in business administration.
Passing Grade and Grading System : Students must secure a minimum of grade or Grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in the internal evaluation in order to qualify to appear in the semester examination. In order to pass the semester examination students must secure a minimum of grade or the cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0. Students who secure a Semester Grade of  will not be promoted to the next semester.
The grading system shall be as follows.

ourse Cycle (Each course carries 3 credit hours):
First Semester
ENG 201: English-I
MGT 201: Principles of Management
ECO 201: Micro Economics
MTH 201: Basic Mathematics
ITC 201: Fundamentals of Computer
 Second Semester 


ENG 202:English-II
MGT 202:Human Resource Management
ECO 202:Macro Economics
STT 201:Statistics
ITC 202:COmputer Programming-I

Third Semester
ENG 203:Business Communication
MGT 205:Operation Management
ACC 201:Financial Accounting
FIN 201:Business Finance
ITC 203:Computer Programming-II
Fourth Semester
MGT 204:Business Law
MGT 206:Business Environment in Nepal
ACC 202:Cost&Management Accounting
PSY 201:Psychology
ITC 204:Introduction to Database
Fifth Semester
MGT 207:International Business
FIN 202:Basic Financial Management
MKT 201:Principles of Marketing
SOC 201:Sociology
ITC 205:Management Information System
Sixth Semester
MGT 203: Organizational Relations
MGT 208: Business Strategy
MKT 202:Marketing Communication
LOG 201: Critical Thinking & Decision Making
ITC 206:E-commerce
Seventh Semester
five specialization Courses form any group
1. Management Information System
2. Travel and Tourism Management
3. Banking & Finance
4. Industrial Management
 Eighth Semester
1. Three Specialization Courses
2. Internship (6 Credit hours)
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Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description
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Faculty Science & IT
Course Bachelor of Information Management
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program is a four year program of Tribhuvan University offering an integrated Information Technology and Management Courses.

Objective of the Program

  • Prepare IT professional profiecient in the use of computers and computational techniques in order to develop effective onformation systems to solve real life problems in the organizational environment.
  • Provide professional education to students with the blend of IT and managerial skills
  • Develop students's skill in object-oriented software design methods and data management systems.
  • Prepare students to proceed on to post graduate level study in information management within and outside the country.


The candidates applying for BIM programs must have minimum grade D+ in each subject of class 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more, minimum score of second division marks in 10+2 ,PCL or equivalent in any discipline.


  • IT officer in Government and Private Sector
  • Software Designers and Developers
  • IT Consultants and Planners
  • Computer programmers
  • Database Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Entrepreneurs and Many More

Course Structure

Semester I

ENG 201:Englsih Composition

IT 211:Computer Information System

IT 212:Digital Logic Design

MGT 201:Priciple fo Management

MTH 201:Basic Mathematics

Semester II

IT 213:Structured Programming

IT 214:Data Communication and Computer Network

MGT 204:Business Communication

MTH 202:Discrete Mathematics

SOC 201:Sociology for Business 

Semester III

ACC 201:Financial Accounting

IT 215:Web Programming

IT 216:Java Programming

IT 217:Computer Organization

STT 201:Business Statistics

Semester IV

ACC 202:Cost and Management Accounting 

ECO 201:Microeconomics

IT 218:Data Structure and Algorithm with Java

IT 219:Web Porgramming -II

IT 220:Database Management System

Semester V

ECO 202:Macroeconomics

IT 221:Computer Graphics

IT 222:Java Programming -II

IT 223:Advance Inter-networking

MKT 201:Fundamentals of Marketing

Semester VI

FIN 201:Business Finance 

IT 224:Software Engineering

IT 225:Computer Security and Cyber Law

MGT 202:Human Resource Management

MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal

IT 351: sUMMER Project

Semester VII

IT 226:Management Information System

IT 227:Object Oriented Analysis and Design

IT 228:Artificial Intelligence

MGT 203:Organizational Behaviour

MGT 205:Operations Management

MGT 208:Business Strategy

Semester VIII

IT 229:It Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain

IT 230:Economics of Information and Communication

Elective I

Elective II

IT 350: Internship


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Faculty Humanities
Course Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description
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Faculty Science & IT
Course Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description
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Faculty Management
Course Bachelor of Mountain Tourism Management (BMTM)
Course Duration 4 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description

The mission of BMTM is to develop socially responsive, creative and result -orented Tourism and management professionals to fill up the middle level Tourism and managerial position in the rapidly growing tourism sector in Nepal and abroad.


The specific objectives of the BMTM programs:

  • Prepare students to take -up middle level Tourism and managerial position in the Tourism business sector
  • Develop students's skill in object -oriented Tourism business management capable of understanding and solving practical tourism problems creatively.
  • Prepare students to proceed onto post -graduate level study in mountain tourism management and MBA.

Eligibility for Admission

Minimum grade D+ in all the subjects of class 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more/or minimum scores of second division marks in 10+2 or equivalent in any discipline.

Must be appeared and passed the entrance examination (MAT)

Career Opportunites

Currently Nepal is suffering from acute shortage of skilled human resources in tourism sector. After the completion of this course, student may get oppotunities in diverse fields of tourism that includes:

  • Tour Manager/Officer
  • Tourism Promoter
  • reservation officer/agent
  • Sales Officer
  • Customer service officer
  • Ticketing Officer
  • Event  Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Mnagerial position at different travel and tours companies.





Semester I

ENG 111: English -I

MGT 111:Principle of Management

MTH 111:Basic Mathematics

CIT 111:Computer and IT Fundamentals

MTM 111:Fundamentals of Mountain Tourism Management

Semester II

ENG 122:English II

MTM 121:Leisure and Recreation Tourism

MGT 122:Human resource Management

MTM 122:Tourism Economics

MTM 123:Statistics for Managers

Semestre III

MTM 231:Geographical Structure of Mountain 

MTM 232:Mountain Tourism Management and Planning

MTM 233:Hospitality and Public relations Planning

MTM 234:Communication for Toursim (English)

MTM 235:Tourism Accounting

Semester IV

MTM 241:Sustainable Mountain Tourism Management

MTM 242:Npali Society and Culture

MTM 243:Mountain Tourism Entrepremeurship

MGT 241:Fundamental of Financial Management

MTM 244:Antheropology of Mountain Tourism

Semester V

MTM 351:Institutional Growth in Mountain Tourism

MTM 352:Tourism Marketing 

RCH 351:Research Methods

MTM 353:Infromation System for Tourism Management

MTM 354:Tourism Laws and Policys in Nepal

Semester VI

MTM 361:Operation Management for Mountain Tourism 

MTM 362:Diasater Management in Mountain Region

MTM 363:Ecotourism

MTM 364:E-Tourism

PWK 361:Field visit and project work I

Semester VII

MTM 471: Strategic Management in Mountain Tourism

MTM 472:Mountain Adventures and sports Tourism

MTM 473:Climate change and Adaptation

INL 471:Elective I International Language -I(Chines/Japanese/Korean/French)

PWK 471:Field visit and project Work-II

Semester VIII

MTM 481:Tours, Travels and Trekking Management

MTM 482:Pilgrimage and Heritage Tourism

MTM 483:Agri-Rural Tourism

INL 481:Elective II International Language -II  (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/French)

INT 481-:Internship (10 weeks rigorous work in related organization)


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Faculty Humanities
Course Bachelor of Education (Purbanchal University)
Course Duration
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description
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Faculty Management
Course Duration
Course Fees NRs./-
Course Description
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Meet Our Team

Tara Giri

(Chairman Of Campus Management Committee )

Biranji Gautam

(Campus Chief )

Krishna Babu Baral

(Assistant Campus Chief )

Bhesh Raj Uppadhyaya

(Assistant Campus Chief )


Located at Janapriya Marga-08,Simalchaur,Pokhara. It is just few meters away from airport.




Information Technology



Admission is given on the basis of an Entrance Examination which is mandatory, comprehensive, and has to be cleared or on the basis of SEE grades. A personal interview closely conducted by the College Management is compulsory for all students accompanied by their parents.

Yes, our college offers varied scholarships to students on a need-cum-merit basis.

Some of our co-curricular activities include debating, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama, project, and excursions.

we have we have spacious ground for footbal,table tenis, volleyball and basketball.

Our Library is full of text-books, reference books/encyclopedias, and journals/ newspapers/magazines to keep the students well-informed.